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360° Photography, Multimedia Experiences and Virtual Tours

Three sixty degree photography is becoming extremely popular as a way for people to have a look around a location before visiting for the place for real. Advantages of 360° include being able to provide very highly detailed representations of scenes, much more interactive and immersive than two dimensional photographs or web pages, and able to convey a huge amount of detail and ambience whilst using much less bandwidth than a comparable video. This means that images and audio arrive more quickly and reliably, and with numerous possibilities for offering enticing user-interactions for virtual visitors, they can explore scenes, linger or move on at their own pace.

Principally covering West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester areas (but the rest of the world too) I offer a variety of 360° photography services ranging from creating single viewpoint 360° scenes like the one of Marsden Station below, to carefully crafted, sophisticated virtual tours covering lots of different scenes and angles. Just like any web page, 360° images and virtual tours can be viewed on all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets and dektop computers as well as on TVs and VR headsets. Posting to a webpage, or sharing on social media are easily done in a few seconds, and integration with Google Maps Street View can make it possible for 'virtual passers-by' to have a look around whilst browsing the locality online. Here's a single viewpoint 360° picture, it allows you to look around, up and down and zoom in and out. It's not a tour, like the example at the bottom of the page.

Multimedia Tours can be engaging experiences with embedded sound, web links, images, text, video, animations, charts, maps, menus, games, quizzes, education and training aids, product guides, messaging tools, shopping experiences... actually, pretty much anything you can imagine can be integrated. This is technology for the future but it's ready to use right now, so get in touch today and let's talk about creating something wonderful from your indoor and/or outdoor spaces. It might just turn out to be less expensive and more useful than you might imagine. What's more, virtual tours can be interactively connected to just about anything on the internet.

Below I've posted a small virtual tour of what was, until recently, The Swan pub in Marsden, now the new home of a handful of local small businesses. This example merely scratches the surface of what is possible. Make it full-screen and you will see that it is effectively a 3D web page. The music is one of my own compositions, it's called Spanish Breeze.